Friday, June 26, 2009

what about farrah fawcett ?

everyone seems to be mourning michael, but what about farrah ?

he's a symbol of the 80's, and she's a symbol of the 70's and an original charlie's angel

Allah yer7amhom both.. sad day for hollywood

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A thursday post

- what do the baladi elections and the blackberry have in common ? all of a sudden, everyone is paying undivided attention to the baladi elections.. which in the past have been more secondary and below the radar. now everyone is talking about it, it's like a habba

- so this morning on my way to work i switched to mix fm, and the song "because i got high" was playing.. lol i certainly didnt expect that, and wonder if there is a whirl of angry parents calling the station to scold them for putting bad ideas into their kids' heads

- yesterday i finally tried skype. i cant believe i've waited until now to use it, it's fantastic and the face to face thing is unbeatable.. not to mention free

- i'm never going to avenues on a friday night again. it's like a zoo. but hopefully 360 will take some of the load. but then again thats what we said about avenues when it opened, there always seems to be enough ppl to fill all locations on thursday and friday nights

- i recommend the book "outliers" by malcom gladwell. it's really cool

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trend-setter vs follower

when it comes to habbat (fads), i’ve always been the laaast person to hop on the wagon.. it happened with facebook, which i only joined last year, i just bought my first pair of gladiator sandals, and just recently i got a … yes u guessed it, crackberry (bold)

although now that i’ve seen the iphone 3GS and the OS3.0 releases, I dunno anymore… technology moves fast !