Monday, April 30, 2007

U know u're from Kuwait when...

u know u're from kuwait when...

u have sudden urges for chay 7aleeb
u dip darabeel into your chay 7aleeb
u've either just gotten back from london or are planning your next trip there
u automatically know how to answer "garrat 3einek / matshoof shar / akramkallah / 3ash men shafek....
u think all arab countries are jealous of kuwait
u step on the gas when the traffic light turns yellow
u treat speed cameras like speed bumps
u have more cars than people in your household
u have more cell phones than people in your household
u say gems, biook, tyoota, renge instead of GMC, buick, toyota, range rover
u know what TK and KKMM mean
the words 3adi, ay shay, yabeela often come up in your conversations
u can name 5 areas which start with "6'a7iat..."
u say bu7amdoon and burummana instead of b7amdoon and brummana
someone in your family has the same first name as his last name - however absurd the last name may be
u complain about wasta but use it when u have the chance
u still refer to the J.W. Marriot as the Meridien
u think pwc's new name is absurd
u criticize kuwait all the time but have a hard time accepting criticism about it from others
u always complain about kuwait but deep down inside, u know u love it

... i know this applies to many of the non-kuwaiti folks living in kuwait too ;)


below are the top 20 torrent sites of 2007; i'm surprised to see that i only know 5 of them (in bold). my favorite has to be btjunkie.

1. Demonoid
3. Snarf It!
4. The Pirate Bay
6. azureus
14. ByTorrents Meta Search


* from

hmm it seems that posts about internet are becoming abundant lately... first "Oh no !" then "Facebook" then "Are u addicted to the internet ?" and now this.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Are u addicted to the internet ?

joud is 47% Addicted to the Internet

You're somewhat addicted to the internet - but who isn't?
You can keep it under check, and you're by no means a hermit.

Friday, April 27, 2007

3 things

3 words i don't like:
- ├╝ber/ueber when used in english - as in "very"
- reckon
- presentation when it's pronounced pree-sentation

3 words i like:
- incognito
- mischievous
- oomphf

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Word ?

geeksta rap: form of rap music that is performed by nerds or geeks, and is characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds.

Example Citation:
by Rajeev Bajaj, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur:

"Hot electrons can ruin my day
Switch the transistor to go the other way
I make my software self-healing
To prevent such a calamity from dealing
A deadly blow to my directory root
If all else fails...... YO, REBOOT!"

um.. are they for real ?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


there is one word i've been hearing more often than yabeela lately, and it's facebook.

According to Chris Hughes, spokesman for Facebook, "People spend an average of 19 minutes a day on Facebook."In a 2006 study conducted by Student Monitor (...), Facebook was named as the second most "in" thing among undergraduates, tied with beer and sex and losing only to the iPod.

apparently, it started as a university networking tool by some harvard student; for fun, here's his picture.

Mark Zuckerberg

i'm not on facebook, but i do have an ipod :)

not planning to get on it, but never say never...

* btw a friend of mine used it as a verb today - as in "facebook it"

Monday, April 23, 2007

I wanna goooo !

Roland-Garros adopts total parity "In what amounts to a major first in the history of the tournament, the French Open will be offering indentical prize money to men and women players in 2007. This new equality applies to both singles and doubles competitions."

bear in mind that women play 3-set matches and men play 5-set matches

in other words, women will get as much $$ as the men for almost half the effort ;)

on another note - someone pleeeeeeaaase take me to roland garros !!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A ride into the past

The day you were born

Saturday, April 21, 2007

How men use post-its


Jazz Festival


Kuwait , at Radisson SAS Hotel

Tuesady, May 1, Bobo Stenson piano solo, Ricky Ford/Jarek Smietana Quartet
Wednesday, May 2, Karen Edwards Show
Thursday, May 3, The Rosenberg Trio

Friday, April 20, 2007


shades of brown: there's tan, maroon, mahogany, auburn...

.... chinese couch maker discovers new shade of brown

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh no !

do u ever steal internet service by connecting to someone else's unsecured wifi network ?

yeah, me too.

enjoy it until the ministry of interior whips out an internet theft combatting division, because it seems that u can already get arrested for wireless theft in london.
apparently it's called piggybacking.

Going swimming ?

that's why i prefer swimming in the sea / ocean

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Days go by

A regular day

A regular day in my life

Some of you guys will get the joke and some won't, for those who get it, don't laugh too hard.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Disturbing forwards

why ??

why on earth do some people send such horrid forwards ?! i'd be hanging out, peacefully sipping my coffee and i'd unsuspectingly open an email forward only to find a video of a guy blowing his brains out or some girl diving into the ocean from a considerable altitude only to end up striking the rocky side. not to mention some pictures of deformed human beings with "alhamdulillah" captions, or a list of kuwait's lesbians' names - not without author's commentaries of course.


i just don't get it; when i open - or send - a forward, it shouldn't be with the objective to raise the recipient's pulse or scare the bejesus out of them. it should be to share something very interesting or very funny. all other forwards, please keep them in your inbox.
or better yet, delete them.

Sunday, April 15, 2007



Laugh !!

This is what happens when you are flamboyant gay and high.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

Blind date

what's the take on blind dates ? my friend keeps nagging me to go on a blind date with 'this guy' she thinks is perfect for me; but the idea of a blind date just doesn't work for me. how awkward the meetup must be ! how do u even recognize each other ? and let's say u do - what if there is zero chemistry ? what if the conversation is flat and uninteresting ? then u still have to go through the rest of the date out of courtesy.

i think if someone wants to introduce 2 people to each other, they ought to invite them both to the same dinner / function and see if they hit it off. it seems more natural this way.

Music Producer

Reminded me of a software I had, Used to love it, make loads of cool tracks, I think it was called Fruity loops.

What the "fuck"

Is this guy serious

Thank God I'm a Woman

in friendly retaliation to zed's TGIM post:

Thank God I'm a Woman.....
- it's ok to change your mind
- being petite is cute
- u can blame anything on pms
- u don't need to open your own jars
- manicures and pedicures
- diamonds
- wearing pink or saying the word 'fabulous' doesn't make you look or sound gay
- you're not pressured into making the football / soccer / hockey team
- there is no quota for how many shoes u should have
- there's never confusion about whether the child is yours or not ;)

Help: what to read

the last book i read was the kite runner, which i loved; they're making a movie of it - coming out in November of this year, yey !

and now i'm reading Freakonomics, which is amusing.

i'm almost done with it so i need a recommendation on what to read next, pronto !

ideas ?

The Taste of Tradition

Click on logo

My second home.

The only thing missing is the wine.

Important Message..... All SHOWTIME Customers

Showtime has revamped, they sucked before and managed to fuck it up some more..... CONGRATS

- Only one Comedy Channel and they only kept the crappy sitcoms.
- Three Series Channels.
- Eight Movie Channels, I bet they all play movies from the 60's, just like before.
and I couldn't care less about the rest.

Someone should give them a wake-up call, I know I'm canceling my account soon.

I love Thai food

there's a new thai restaurant called Ginger which opened in Muthanna complex recently. I will go try it as soon as i get a chance. i'll order some pad thai. hmmmmmmm

the only reservation i have about this place is that it's a vegetarian restaurant but oh well, maybe it's good to go there if u want to eat 'light.'

# 46

"The Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries in terms of the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians" - it takes into accounts things such as misuse of public power, bribery, kickbacks in public procurement, embezzlement of public funds etc.

some of the numbers:
least corrupt arab country is UAE at rank 31 (out of 163)
most corrupt arab country is Iraq at rank 160
most corrupt arab country not at war is Yemen at rank 111
least corrupt countries are Finland, Iceland, New Zealand in 1st place
most corrupt country is Haiti in last place (163)

other ranks....
#11 UK
#14 Canada
#16 Germany
#18 France
#20 USA
#34 Israel
#36 Bahrein
#40 Jordan
#46 Kuwait
#63 Lebanon
#70 Saudi & Egypt
#93 Syria

view complete list here

Nick Cage on CRACK

Well, I wouldn't know if he is actually on crack but he must be on something to star in a movie like "Ghost Rider".

In this movie Johnny Blaze the main character in the movie turns into a flaming skeleton when he's around evil souls, COME ONNNNNN, couldn't the writer think on a better plot, my 8 year old cousin can think of better stories.

I'm getting frustrated talking about it, so I will stop here and hope Nick Cage's career goes down the drain.

Who the hell calls his son Kal-El?? and I thought I needed therapy.

What men really mean

Haven't I seen you before? = Nice ass
I'm a Romantic = I'm poor
I need you" = My hand is tired
I am different from all the other guys = I am not circumcised
I want a commitment = I'm sick of masturbation
You're the only girl I've ever cared about = You are the only girl who hasn't rejected me
I really want to get to know you better = So I can tell my friends about it
It's just orange juice, try it = 3 more shots, and she'll have her legs around my head
She's kinda cute = I want to have sex with her till I am blue
I don't know if I like her = She won't sleep with me
I miss you so much = I am so horny that my male roommate is starting to look good
Was it good for you? = I'm insecure about my manhood
How do I compare with all your other boyfriends? = Is my penis really that small
I had a wonderful time last night = Who the hell are you
Do you love me? = I've done something stupid and you might find out
Do you 'really' love me? = I've done something stupid and you're going to find out sooner or later
How much do you love me? = I've done something really stupid and someones on his/her way to tell you about it now
I have something to tell you = Get tested
I'll give you a call = I'd rather have my nipples torn off by wild dogs than see you again
I've been thinking a lot = You're not as attractive as when I was drunk
I think we should just be friends = You're ugly
I've learned a lot from you = Next

Red dot

this is really cool, i couldn't stop playing until i finished it.

click on the red dot to play.


i was browsing some of the language teaching tapes and books at berlitz the other day, and thought it was interesting to find this:

what the text says at the bottom left: "Listen to Hebrew as it's really spoken and travel with greater confidence"

Sunday, April 8, 2007

iKuwait posting marathon

for fun zed and i will host a posting marathon tomorrow.

from 7am to 7pm - there will be a new post every hour, on the hour.

live in Dubai

Date :
31st of May 2007

Event :
Aerosmith live in Dubai

Venue :
Dubai Exiles Rugby Ground
Buy your tickets online

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Highest salaries in Kuwait

top 10 earning employees in Kuwait:

Friday, April 6, 2007

Gymin' It

Just joined the gym recently, and want to share my "shape up and look like the guys from 300 program" hehe

Day 1: Chest & Biceps
Day 2: Back & Triceps
Day 3: Shoulders & Abs
and this repeats

The first hour is cardio & stretching, and after the workout its Squash for a minimum of 2 hours.

In less than 6 months, I'll be ripped like the paper in my bosses garbage can.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

No more Prison Break

after watching the season finale of prison break last night, i'm left hanging. it was suspenseful and i don't think i'll be able to wait months (Aug 27th) before finding out what's going to happen. this is the end of my life as i know it and i will now retire to seclusion until michael comes back to brighten my days.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Starbucks order

according to George Carlin (a comedian):

The more complicated the Starbucks order, the bigger the asshole. If you walk into a Starbucks and order a "decaf grande, half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one sweet-n'-low, and one nutrasweet," ooh, you're a huge asshole.

hehe do u think it's true ?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Prison vs Work

In Prison you spend the majority of your time in an 8x10 cell.
At work you spend most of your time in a 6X8 cubicle.

In prison you get three meals a day (free).

At Work you only get a break for one meal and you have to pay for it yourself.

In prison you get time off for good behavior.
At work you you get rewarded for good behavior with more WORK.

In prison a guard locks and unlocks the doors for you.
At work you must carry around a security card and unlock open all the doors yourself.

In prison you can watch tv and play games.

At work you get fired for watching TV and playing games.

In prison you get your own toilet.

At work you have to share.

I prison all expenses are paid by taxpayers with no work at all.
At work You get to pay all the expenses to go to work and then they deduct taxes from your salary to pay for the prisoners.

Humm? Which Sounds Better?
So what are you waiting for???
Kill your Manager...

Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, and the richest man in the world at over $50 Billion net worth, arrested in New Mexico 1977.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Thank God I'm a Man

- Your last name stays put.
- The garage is all yours.
- Wedding plans take care of themselves.
- Chocolate is just another snack.
- You can be President.
- You can never be pregnant.
- You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.
- You can wear NO shirt to a water park.
- Car mechanics tell you the truth.
- The world is your urinal.
- You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky.
- You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.
- Same work, more pay.
- Wrinkles add character.
- Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100.
- People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them.
- The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.
- New shoes don't cut, blister or mangle your feet.
- One mood all the time.
- Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
- You know stuff about tanks.
- A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.
- You can open all your own jars.
- You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.
- If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend.
- Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.
- Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.
- You almost never have strap problems in public.
- You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.
- Everything on your face stays its original color.
- The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.
- You only have to shave your face and neck.
- You can play with toys all your life.
- Your belly usually hides your big hips.
- One wallet and one pair of shoes -- one color for all seasons.
- You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.
- You can "do" your nails with a pocket knife.
- You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.