Monday, April 30, 2007

U know u're from Kuwait when...

u know u're from kuwait when...

u have sudden urges for chay 7aleeb
u dip darabeel into your chay 7aleeb
u've either just gotten back from london or are planning your next trip there
u automatically know how to answer "garrat 3einek / matshoof shar / akramkallah / 3ash men shafek....
u think all arab countries are jealous of kuwait
u step on the gas when the traffic light turns yellow
u treat speed cameras like speed bumps
u have more cars than people in your household
u have more cell phones than people in your household
u say gems, biook, tyoota, renge instead of GMC, buick, toyota, range rover
u know what TK and KKMM mean
the words 3adi, ay shay, yabeela often come up in your conversations
u can name 5 areas which start with "6'a7iat..."
u say bu7amdoon and burummana instead of b7amdoon and brummana
someone in your family has the same first name as his last name - however absurd the last name may be
u complain about wasta but use it when u have the chance
u still refer to the J.W. Marriot as the Meridien
u think pwc's new name is absurd
u criticize kuwait all the time but have a hard time accepting criticism about it from others
u always complain about kuwait but deep down inside, u know u love it

... i know this applies to many of the non-kuwaiti folks living in kuwait too ;)


rayboy said...

have to agree with you... i fall in the category of your last point

To Q8 with Love said...

you no you r from kwt when you pack 12 suitcases for a night out at your best friend's who lives down the street.

you no you r from kwt when you imagine your world start to cave in the minute you get your utilities bill living in London or Dubai.

you no you r from kwt when
you shop for perfume at the airport duty free some more perfume in-flight and even more perfume in the arrivals shop at your destination.

Yabeela! ya Nabeela said...

You know you are from Kuwait when make-up malfunction starts becoming mundane and even out of the ordinary.

You know you are from Kuwait when you hold doors for others to pass in shopping centres and in restaurants.

You know you are from Kuwait when you halt your car to let pedestrians get across the street.

This latter point escapes attention, especially in modern day Central London, where a lot of the white trash go about behaving as if they owned the planet and everything that's on it.

You know you r from Kuwait when you get round to thinking everything's Yabeela! this or Yabeela! that.

Kinan said...


What's wrong with Agility?!?!?

Plus Dragons are really cool. You're just jealous.


moocherx said...

u treat speed cameras like speed bumps...

so i must be a "little" Kuwaiti...

KJ said...

PWC became AGILITY?! It sounds like a Chinese Circus

Paul Zileri & moi said...

You know you're from Kwt when the airline checking-in agent in you drops whatever it is you are doing on the job to go shake hands, or to air-kiss and exchange pleasantries with every Tom, Dick or Jamal you may have known since your childhood.

You know you're from Kuwait when you cannot look beyond Dubai to be your beacon of hope, promise, enterprise and all that is right with Life and Living

You know you're from Kuwait when your awareness of India is limited to the Indian maid/ cook in your life, or at most Bollywood masala films and non veg Indian food

Elijah said...

What's darabeel, TK and KKMM?

jumping translocation said...

Isn't it also supposed to be that you know you are from Kuwait when you are charitable and kind and will spare no effort to feed the poor and help out those who have fallen out of favour with Lady Godiva,err... Lady luck.

Joud said...

rayboy: bas the last category ? come on, no one's judging here ;)

to q8 with love: hehe so true.. and the suitcases, how did i miss that !

yabeela! ya nabeela: to be honest i thought u were being sarcastic about the 1st 3 points :) the last one is right on though

kinan: hah, half the ppl pronounce it aguility; and what does a dragon have to do with kuwait? i guess the camel is already taken :) "mobility" sounds better to me

mooch: i think these things do more good then bad, with all the sudden braking they cause

kj: exactly; and to top it off their logo is a chinese dragon (ok i added the chinese part)

paul: to tell u the truth i don't like dubai; walla the older generation here knows india pretty well, and even used their currency back in the day

elijah: darabeel are like crunchy long-shaped cinnamon rolls - see the picture; TK is "typical kuwaiti" and KKMM is "keifi kwaiti ma 3aleik menni"

jumping trans: i don't know if u're being sarcastic but if u're not, i agree ! and now have a sudden urge for chocolate (or darabeel)

people will b people said...

You know you are from Kuwait when

- you are sexy yet intelligent

- you are married but available

- you are mistaken for an Indian/Lebanese yet you are not half the rabid racist they mostly are : one wet (racist) wicket this is but I am gonna let it stay. Provincial and religiously xenophobic, well; yes, you may be but not racist, per se.

- you seem to entertain and then to rubbish just as quickly, a fleeting thought which enters in your mind of being God's gift to earth – “the Chosen One”. Sa'ah oul Khata? :)

- you are cool to be seen driving down in your Bentley with your Villa Moda bags and all for some quick bargain shopping at the flea market on a Friday.

Kinan said...

Well I am an Agile employee and I have grown a bit too fond of the Dragon.

You bask in your envy! :P

eshda3wa said...


so true

i miss darabeel ;S

Fragility@Agility said...

you know you are from Kuwait when you buy zubeidi the way most people buy candy at Woolworths

you know you are from kuwait when you waste a whole lot of food that's on your plate

you know you are from kuwait when you make animated conversation in public and keep gesturing, as if there is no tomorrow

you know you are from kuwait when one minute you are driving a BMW convertible, and suddenly you go all hyper spotting a member of the opposite sex in the car next to you

Anonymous said...

I got the TK, but what does KKMM stand for?

Joud said...

thanks for the additions guys ;)

kinan: oh and 1 more thing; it makes me think of gilette :P

eshda3wa:" 3ayal come back to kwt, plenty of darabeel here ;)

fragility@agility: creative nick :) yeah i hate it when so much food goes to waste

anonymous: keifi kwaiti ma 3aleik menni

three flights up said...

u no r u r from Q8 when you have the gumption to go out in your see through linen dishdasha without wearing pyjamas inside

u no r u r from Q8 when you call a Nissan vanette, a one-eight

you no u r from Kwt when you don't mind taking the maid with you to the supermarket for grocery shopping, and maybe more

and, finally, u no u from Q8 when u drink plentiful dallah, light up ciggies on the hour every hour, eat mouthfuls of pine seeds and gulp down Perrier with lemon & ice and all things nice :)

Joud said...

3 flights up: eeeeee of course, waaaaneeeeet !!

Pardon my Kuwaiti said...

Pardon my Kuwaiti but you know you have Kuwait stamped on you when you begin to think of make-up as your second religion and Star Bucks, a close third.

Pardonez moi Koweitien but you know your from Kuwait when you board Kuwait Airways flights thinking you own the plane or the airline company

Pardon my Kuwaiti but you know you are on home turf the minute you start hearing people say nahnoo uheebak pinoys, afiamanla and afwan!

Maze said...

hehehehe....thats coolll....i'm an expat and i love this country..:)

Anonymous said...

eu gostaria muito de ver a liliane ,brasileira,estado mg de uberlandia. eu pago ate 1000.000 por so ve la na minha frente....