Monday, April 9, 2007

Nick Cage on CRACK

Well, I wouldn't know if he is actually on crack but he must be on something to star in a movie like "Ghost Rider".

In this movie Johnny Blaze the main character in the movie turns into a flaming skeleton when he's around evil souls, COME ONNNNNN, couldn't the writer think on a better plot, my 8 year old cousin can think of better stories.

I'm getting frustrated talking about it, so I will stop here and hope Nick Cage's career goes down the drain.

Who the hell calls his son Kal-El?? and I thought I needed therapy.


Joud said...

i never liked this guy anyway

eshda3wa said...

that mivie sucked o BAAAAD!
i wanted to shoot myself

and to think my roomate actually recommended it to my

i had to restrain myself not to move out!

Zed said...

that was my exact feeling

KJ said...

See not every comic book should be a movie.

Zed said...

I AGREE.. specially crap like this, daredevil, electra.. etc