Monday, April 23, 2007

I wanna goooo !

Roland-Garros adopts total parity "In what amounts to a major first in the history of the tournament, the French Open will be offering indentical prize money to men and women players in 2007. This new equality applies to both singles and doubles competitions."

bear in mind that women play 3-set matches and men play 5-set matches

in other words, women will get as much $$ as the men for almost half the effort ;)

on another note - someone pleeeeeeaaase take me to roland garros !!!


Kinan said...

Feminism is such a rip-off scheme!!!

Elijah said...


Live with it!!

Kinan said...


I don't have any other option, do I?!

I am just expressing an opinion. I am entitled to that at least. So, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!


KJ said...

This sucks completely. We men slave and slave and slave and in the end the women go to a tennis course, make all those erotic-pain sounds and then they get paid the same amount as men?!

Put on that apron and serve me a bowl of rice, pun intended :P

Joud said...

kinan: say what you want but we have half the world on our side ;)

elijah: amen sister !

kj: the men make those sounds too ! nadal doesn't miss an opportunity

as for your request... 3endek