Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Days go by

A regular day

A regular day in my life

Some of you guys will get the joke and some won't, for those who get it, don't laugh too hard.


Happy Wolf said...

This the most funniest thing i read in day's man !
Cleenex ! muhahahaha get married dude ! save some trees !

Kinan said...
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Kinan said...

*laughing self out of contortion*

No wonder they have Kleenex for men, they tailored it to you.


That's the funniest thing ever :D

KJ said...

Um.. uh... if it were not for the Bravia...

KJ said...

And don't forget to add the Fructis after the Kleenex :P you filthy thing.

Maze said...

yeah go and get married soon....oops i forgot i'm going thru the same shit...:p

Blue Ice Envy said...

No no no, do not get married or you will end up masturbating twice more plus cheat on your wife. Just find yourself a girlfriend.

eshda3wa said...


something is better than nothing ;Pp

Elijah said...

LOOOL ALL the guys got it hahah

you poor things :P

Qaiss said...

loooooool funny:)

Zed said...

happy wolf: married.. no man can't do that yet, got things i gotta take care of first hehe

kinan: i never knew they had kleenex for men.. good to know

kj: fructis after.. mmmmm never thought about it hehe

maze: lol.. aren't e all

blue ice: masturbating??? what you talking about masturbating... i use the kleenex to blow my nose.. LOL

eshda3wa: something IS indeed better than nothing :D

elijah: hey, you got it too.. hehe

Kinan said...


I think you would have to be a really, really ridiculously stupid or clueless guy so as NOT to get it :P

Good one Zed and yes they have Kleenex for me, it comes in a black package and it's ULTRA STRONG! :p

Elijah said...

I got it from the comments hahaa


LOOOOL and I bet the Kleenex company is thriving from the number of boxes u buy :P

Zed said...

elijah: loooll @ Kinan.. maybe you'll save more $$ if you buy in bulk

The Criticizer said...

ROFLMFAO!!111one.. xD

EniGma said...

looooooooooolll!!!! the comments r soo funny! even funnier than the post ;> like elijah said, all the guys got it from the post, and then all the girls got it from the comments.

Kleenex for men is 3 layers. Nice and strong ;P