Monday, April 16, 2007

Disturbing forwards

why ??

why on earth do some people send such horrid forwards ?! i'd be hanging out, peacefully sipping my coffee and i'd unsuspectingly open an email forward only to find a video of a guy blowing his brains out or some girl diving into the ocean from a considerable altitude only to end up striking the rocky side. not to mention some pictures of deformed human beings with "alhamdulillah" captions, or a list of kuwait's lesbians' names - not without author's commentaries of course.


i just don't get it; when i open - or send - a forward, it shouldn't be with the objective to raise the recipient's pulse or scare the bejesus out of them. it should be to share something very interesting or very funny. all other forwards, please keep them in your inbox.
or better yet, delete them.


Elijah said...

Looool I just posted a forward only cuz it was to remind us of our family and people we love.

If you don't send it to 100000000 people in 5 seconds your brain will explode and your eyes will pop out and you'll become paralyzed and your extended family will die a tragic and mysterious death and..... :D

Kinan said...


I hate forwards.

lmao @ elijah.


KJ said...

I am especially hating those "look at what happens to our poor brothers in [insert occupied country here]" and you get those mutilated images of children and people.

What I hate more is the "sub7anallah" images which are photoshopped showing fish with the words Allah on them and a frozen wave in antarctica (seriously how can a wave freeze? Without the ocean freezing? HELLOOO)

Zed said...


eshda3wa said...

my god!
the things i get in my inbox!

Joud said...

elijah: omg i read your post - it's beautiful. u cant compare it to the CRAP i'm talking about here. yours actually has a pertinent moral

kinan: me too, most of them anyway

kj: hehe yeah the photoshopped stuff takes the cake; the frozen wave email has yet to make it to my inbox

zed: yeah those fishies leave quite an impression

eshda3wa: tell me about it !