Friday, April 27, 2007

3 things

3 words i don't like:
- über/ueber when used in english - as in "very"
- reckon
- presentation when it's pronounced pree-sentation

3 words i like:
- incognito
- mischievous
- oomphf


eshda3wa said...

wat does oomphf mean?

Princess said...

how do u pronounce presentation otherwise? like prizentation? ok now i cnt remember how i usually say that word.

moocherx said...

you're uber-correct, i reckon.

moocherx said...

prezz - en - tay - shun

Joud said...

eshda3wa: oomph means appeal, attractiveness, spice; as in "this person has oomph" or "this will add oomph to your outfit" - definition

princess: hehe yeah see what moocherx says below

moocherx: aha isn't that word uber-annoying ?

Elijah said...

I hate preesentation too!

I love 'horizon'

Joud said...

elijah: horizon seems like a good word to use in interviews

Kinan said...

Some English words are funny! (e.g. horrendous, humongous, inexplicable)

And what's wrong with Uber?! I like that word. Very expressive.

jumping translocation said...

eshda3wa : Don't even bother with a dictionary here - oomphf is what Shakira has truck loads full.You get the idea.

princess : When in England do as the English do minus their eccentricities.Upon arrival at London Gatwick you begin to pronounce the word as preez (like freeze) + N + tation(as in station dropping the s)
It's a different matter if your flight arrives at Heathrow where anything goes, basically.

moocherx : Moo! :)

joud : You tell me when you are out of detox for Net addiction. I might have to sign up for it myself before it's too late.

elijah : I am no die hard fan of the word ' Horizon'but you could say that about me for BBC's documentary series- "Horizon" Now that is a steal. Personally, I love the word 'twilight' to bits. Oh,yeah that and the word 'pronounciation,'whose pronunciation I simply cannot seem to get enough of.

joud(again) : I agree but I also think " Yes, blease" and " "Sank you very much" are other good words to use in an interview

kinan : You have me started, mate, on funny words in the English language - there's no stopping me now.
Here are some of my favourite funny words in English -
Bollocks, Bugger, both f*** and fcuk, Paki, peccadillo and so on. As for "uber", I am totally uber kool with that one.

On balance, I reckon Zed you find the pronounciation of the word "presentation"
to be not 'prim and propah' for your uber cool air of sophistication. Wright?

KJ said...

Your list is uber! Don't you reckon we should make a preesentation on it?

jumping translocation said...

You reckon correctly. Only trouble is where are we going to find the time for making a Bowerboint bresentation online. I have to be at the Chairman's Club downtown, in the next half hour mixing drinks.
JT (the sommelier-in residence)

Joud said...

u are absurd u guys are absurd, especially u jumping trans

being incognito and writing mischievous posts adds oomph to my blog