Monday, April 9, 2007

Thank God I'm a Woman

in friendly retaliation to zed's TGIM post:

Thank God I'm a Woman.....
- it's ok to change your mind
- being petite is cute
- u can blame anything on pms
- u don't need to open your own jars
- manicures and pedicures
- diamonds
- wearing pink or saying the word 'fabulous' doesn't make you look or sound gay
- you're not pressured into making the football / soccer / hockey team
- there is no quota for how many shoes u should have
- there's never confusion about whether the child is yours or not ;)


Kinan said...

The last one is, sadly, true :(


Nael said...

Women are the best..... WOMEN!!! I love you!!! lol

Joud said...

hehe u guys both speak the truth :)

KJ said...

What a fabulous post!

Elijah said...

and we can get anything done by flirting ;)

Joud said...

kj: good one ;)

elijah: sometimes we have no choice :)

Kinan said...

joud & elijah:
The choice not to flirt is always there. You just don't take it :P

Joud said...

kinan: a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;)

Miss 360 Kuwait said...

TGIW.... I don't have to bother filing my tax returns or managing personal finances - my bf will take care of that for the both of us.
And yes, TGIW - I don't have to pretend being gullible before bankers, accountants and lawyers- I am gullible.

Joud said...

miss 360: the advantages are endless .. bhavioral, fashion-related, biological, financial (as u proved), and other areas that i can think of ;)