Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2007 Here We Come

10 more days, I'm not really hyped up for the whole new year partying thing, the fact that we have a 10 day vacation, that I'm looking forward to. For the past month I've been stressing about where to go what to do, now I'm all confirmed - stress free - chillaxing - waiting for the week to pass, knowing that my level of functionality at work will be no more than 20%. (same level as Ramadan) don't we all get into "vacation mode" at least a week before we travel. I love that mode, you're always happy, in a good mood, nothing can piss you off cause you know you'll be living it up soon.

Ahhh Beirut Beirut Beirut, I can't wait to check in my hotel room, and not get back in except during sleeping hours (5-11:30am) unless I get lucky then my sleeping hours will change accordingly.

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