Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sick leave part 2

Yesterday I felt like I'm coming down with the flu, I was right, I am officially sick. I left work early again today and decided to come home rest, watch some TV, now I am extremely bored and in pain, Showtime has nothing good during working hours, who the hell watches The Nanny, The Cosby Show, Rosanne.... COME ON ... ROSANNE?????
I already watched a movie and 4 hours worth of sitcoms.
Plus I'm high on all the medication I keep taking.

Arrgghhhhh I need out, I need out now...Help..HELPP...HHHEEELLLLPPPPPP

1 comment:

Joud said...

poor yazeed, i hope u feel better..

there are 3 sick people at my office, one of which keeps coughing all over the place. i better watch my back!