Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Are you an annoying colleague?

i've come accross some pretty annoying colleague habits in my time. here's my top 10 list (so far)

10. sending emails at 2AM to prove that one works hard

9. smelling bad

8. acting like one's swamped everytime they're asked for something

7. talking loud / screaming in the hallway

6. CC ing a million people on every trivial email

5. laughing out loud at everything (especially at one's own jokes)

4. loud, obnoxious cell phone ringtone (i cant get careless whisper out of my head)

3. ass-kissing (being the boss' puppy)

2. smoking in meetings

and the current number 1 annoying habit is ...
1. blasting Koran with one's door open !! makes me feel like i'm sitting in a 3aza AND makes them look like they're trying to prove something

to find out how annoying you are, take this quiz

fyi, this is the result i got:
You are the perfect, dream colleague. Your sunny disposition is cheering and you ALWAYS make the tea.

no comment.


Yazeed said...

My result:
Your most annoying workplace trait is that you let the grinding tedium get you down too much, becoming a bit moody and forgetting that it is exactly the same for everyone else. But apart from that you're ok. Well done

Anonymous said...

Damn so annoying...

Joud said...

yazeed: i really wonder what kind of a colleague u'd be

maze: tell me about it. and if i say anything to the guy blasting the koran then it's 7araaaaam and i'm a kafra. go figure

Elijah said...

Joud, I got the same result as yours.

I must add to your list:

11. People who initiate a stupid activity (that everyone must do) to impress the boss.

12. People who ask for help and when you give them your opinion, they become Mr. know it all, Why did they ask in the first place?

13. People who try to get a peep at your PC to see what you're doing.

Joud said...

yes elijah ! they dont even try to hide that they're looking at your screen, i hate that