Sunday, January 28, 2007

Colorful hidden messages

girls, have fun looking for hidden messages

and guys, since many of you have trouble being vocal about your feelings, here's a way around it... u're welcome

bright red means love
darker red / brgundy reveals unconscious beauty
dark crimson means mourning
a withered red rose shows that the love is over
a red rosebud symbolizes youthful love and beauty
Quantity: a single red rose shows love, a dozen shows gratitude, twenty-five shows congratulations and fifty show unconditional love. Two red roses tied together symbolizes an engagement.

yellow indicates joy, gladness, friendship and "I Care"
yellow with red tips indicates a friendship turning into love

deep pink shows appreciation, gratitude, "Thank You"
light pink conveys admiration, sympathy, grace, joy
peach roses are given to show modesty

white expresses purity, innocence, but can also mean secrecy, silence
white (bridal) also symbolizes a happy love
a whithered white rose represents fading beauty
a white rosebud is a symbol of girlhood

orange denotes fascination, enthusiasm, desire, as well as "I want to get to know you"

lavender symbolizes love at first sight, and can also be given to someone unique, enchanting

red + white = unity
red + yellow = jovial happiness
pink + white = forever love
orange + yellow = passionate thoughts


Chica Bonita Q8 said...

I disagree with what you said, I have always believed that yellow roses stand for love as in everlasting while red roses represent passion ..

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Cute post! haha I like it :)

Joud said...

chica: it's not my opinion, it's the common interpretation of rose colors

d'n'g: thanks, i really enjoyed researching it and writing about it :->

chikapappi said...

I love pink roses, don'get much thought :(

Joud said...

chikapappi: the lavender ones are breath-taking.

never got those :/

Anonymous said...

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