Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pick-a-Nick for me (Final Re-Post)

I promise this is the last time I re-post this, I just wanna get as many nick's as I can... I decided to pick-a-nick by Sunday. Thank you all

Recently I noticed alot of confusion cause there's another Yazeed blogger (from Yazeez), today I was going through the Kuwait Blog's Aggregator (safat) and this post by Yazeed caught my eye - click on Link.

After reading his post, I decided it's only fair for me to change my name since I am the "new" blogger and everyone already knows Yazeed from Yazeez.

The dilemma is, how do I pick a nickname for myself? Isn't the whole point of a nickname is for it to be given to you?

After 2 minutes of deep thought, I decided I will let iKuwaits readers pick a nickname for me, if it were up to me I'd pick something like ACE hehe and that's not gonna happen.

Update : just as promised, I will re-post this post for a couple of days to get as many different choices of nicknames as I can.


Fonzy said...

u want ACE, so go for ACE, its ur nick.

True Faith said...

I didn't get mixed up from the first place!

And I second Fonzy.

MSB said...

tell us more about yourself in order for us to come up with a suitable nickname! :) cuz if u leave it up to ppl like me, we can be cruel.. and you wouldn't want that, now, would you? ;)

Yazeed said...

i have no comments...i will re post this post on a daily basis for a week.. and then comment of the feedback

DiiGMaa said...

Mickey Mouse :P

(if you check my comment on Yazeez you'll understand why :P)

Elijah said...


Like tazmanian devil ;P

I like it .. i like it ...i like it

AmoOora said...

hehe people here hav good choices and some umm wierd ones too ;p

like i said on Yazeeds blog maybe iKuwait would be good since its your blog name or YozYoz :) it sounds cute ;p
Ace sounds like a cartoon character. you really want that ?
after all its up to you, take care ;)

Yazeed said...

(the blogger formerly known as yazeed :P)

Yazeed said...

btw the yazeed above me is the "old" one

he is the same guy who is writing this comment! :P

Elijah said...

You know what?

I'm gonna use as many 'Other' and 'Anonymous' names to all vote for 'Yazmania' haha j/k.

Now if someone actually does that you'll think it's me hmmmm.

Kinan said...

Pick-a-Nick sounds good enough for me :D

Just a thought! Yes, no, maybe?!

Yazeed said...

right now, all i got is:

1. ACE
which is not all that

2. Mickey Mouse
aiin't gonna happen diigmaa hehe

3. Yazmania
elijah, this is too girly, reminds me of that show on Lebanese TV Razmania (Raz) LOL.. and if i get any votes from 'Anonymous' for yazmania.. i will just use ACE hahaha

4. TBFKAY (the blogger formerly known as yazeed)
YAZEED, this is not bad heheheh

5. iKuwait
AmoOora....iKuwait is an option, but i'm not Kuwaiti and its the name of the blog, i'd want something different

6. Pick-a-Nick
kinan: pick-a-nick / picnic .. too romantic hehehe

any other suggestions... maybe i'll keep this post for one more day and pick a nick by the weekend...

Kinan said...

See i KNEW you'd get it! (referring to picnic)

Oh well, anyway. I guess I am not that creative when it comes to nick-names.

Hey, what did they call you in school?

Elijah said...

LOL i hate her.

Ace reminds me of Jim Carey's movie :/

I think the other yazeed should change his to yazeez, everyone calls him that anyway.

Let's try to convince him now, that will make things easier :)

Ok tell us about you. Are you lazy, hyper,cruel,wicked...?

Yazeed said...

kinan.... i meant it to sound like picnic in the first place LOL

elijah...khalas i'm adding you to my "EXCELLENCE LIST" .. lovin' the way you think.. but how do we convince yazeed to change his name to yazeez...

i will update my profile later tonight and write more "about" me

EniGma said...

yazoood ;p
deezaY (hmm.. not good.. sounds like DJ in hindi)

dont like ace

DiiGMaa said...

Y2K :P

Y for Yazeed
2 coz you're the second Yazeed :P
and K for iKuwait your blog :P

Hey I just write the first thing that pops in my head !!

Elijah said...

YAAY I'm on your excellence list :P

Ok so you were supposed to update your profile last night and you didn't.
Hint 1 you're lazy! So I'll go with 'Garfield' my favorite cat of all time, and you should be honored that I'm giving you this title ;P

Yazeed said...

enigma: deezaY, very creative, yazeed backwards heheheh... my name is deezay, welcome to 711, please come again (indian accent)

diigmaa: Y2K.. I like, that will def. be on my top 5 nicknames list.. (my top 5 list consists of 3 nicknames hehe)

elijah: la walllaaahhh.. i didnt know there are ppl be7asbooni 3ala every minute.. i got busy and i totally forgot to update it.. maybe during the weekend ;) but Garfield is NOT an option, i'm a dog person.. don't like cats

EniGma said...

hahaha it does sound indian, doesn't it! well if u don't like cats then find a dawg nick. i like y2k and tbfkay, could be reduced to formely_yazeed. naah.. u need to retain your identity. go with a nickname ur friends use?

MiYaFuSHi said...

I think you should go for ACE if thats what you like. I kinda like it too!

I also like the Y2K idea:)

amer said...

Go for the name 'Marzouq'

Anonymous said...

How about “ALLAH ye 5’alef"
I'm kidding, seriously dude >…. it’s your nick, so pick it yourself.

Yazeed said...

enigma: i like y2k too and tbfkay ...

miYaFuSHi i was just kidding about ACE, i dont wanna pick my own name... then its lame... hehe i'm ryhming.. i should become a rapper

amer : haha ya that would be funny "marzouq" maybe "mark" haha

anonymous: reveal yourself .. is that you Elijah.. acting as anonymous LOL.. i can;t pick my nice . it defies the point

Missy said...

go for Zay. :P

The Criticizer said...

- Y2Z
- Yazz
- Uzo
- Yuzo
- Yezo
- Zizo
- Spazz! :P
- Why.Ay.Zed.Double.E.Dee. <-- LOL!! xD

That's what I can think of.
Hope you find any of them useful. :P

Elijah said...

LOOL, I told you you're gonna think it's me haha.

Ok I'm not ba7asbak at what u do, but when i got up i read ur comment saying I will update the profile tonight, so since it was morning i went to check and it wasn't updated hence the accusation of being lazy :P

Ok, what does your gf call you?

I like Zizo. How about Zeus? :P

Yazeed said...

Missy: Zay... mmm i think reminds me of a store in jordan that sells Suits also called Zay.. lol

The Criticizer: spazz lol Why.Ay.Zed.Double.E.Dee. GANGSTA

Elijah: notice how i still haven't updated my profile.. you can confirm your doubts about my laziness.... lol...
no gf :(
isn't Zeus the greek god holding a thunderblot.. very gay

Elijah said...

ya 3ammy 7ayartna, you're very picky.

Yes, Zeus was the Greek god but he was good with the girls, not gay ;)


albandry said...

ya z like jz


madry u can be creative