Thursday, February 1, 2007

3 things

3 movies i like (funny):
1. snatch
2. office space
3. lock stock and 2 smoking barrels

3 more movies i like:
1. house of spirits (touching love story during political turmoil)
2. pulp fiction
3. usual suspects

and cold mountain, seven, primal fear, swimming with sharks, good fellas, the untouchables, the godfather 1& 2, scent of a woman, crash

3 movies i walked out on:
1. jurassic park
2. 13 ghosts
3. silent hill

3 movies i unfortunately didn't walk out on:
1. meet joe black
2. the grudge
3. blairwitch project

3 movies which made me cry (proper cry):
1. i am sam
2. what dreams may come
3. don't move (penelope cruz, italian)


Elijah said...

Lol that was cruel "the white bit" but I'm smart I checked it out here lol

I liked Meet Joe Black

Anonymous said...

pulp t'aime beaucoup!

Joud said...

elijah: u're a sneaky one arentcha :)

maze: tu me connais pas mais merci kan meme ;)