Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fighting sexism...

... through road signs?

In the town of Fuenlabrada, on the outskirts of Madrid, half of the stick figures displayed by traffic signs and traffic lights will be of females with dresses and ponytails. The initiative is called "Equality also in road safety" and will start with broken or damaged signs.

This two-dimensional display of girl power will affect everything from "Road Work Ahead" to the little green and red figures that flash on traffic lights, says Rosalina Guijarro, Fuenlabrada's traffic and safety councilor.

On taking office, prime minister Zapatero, made sure half his cabinet was female and pushed through a law last spring giving preferential treatment to firms appointing women to their boards. Last year, the government added a clause to civil marriage contracts that required men and women to share the housework and childcare.

here's to hoping this overall pro female attitude rubs off on other countries, especially towards the south-east.


Kinan said...


I wonder what's next on their list?

Peony said...

yeah, i heard about that and thought thats pretty cool !

eshda3wa said...


Joud said...

kinan: i think this is a way of sending somewhat subliminal messages encouraging pro female laws and regulations; half the cabinet is already female and they already started with laws promoting equality

peony: it is isn't it

eshda3wa: yes, Glamour is not jsut for hair and fashion tips ;)

Anonymous said...

it wud take a hell alot more to fight sexism here in the gulf.