Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guess who ?

yep it's britney, a bald britney.


Amunki said...

Hehe... Glad someone else is keeping up with this as well :)

Homegirl has been making some severe decisions lately.
She should do some serious introspection.

I say she should go to Tibet for like 6 months, center herself, have someone take care of her kids, get her shit together and then deal with her life.

Or maybe not...
Maybe she should move to the nearest trailer park, gain 30 more pounds and find herself another Baby Daddy.

Fonzy said...

she put so much stuff on her hair, she just had to do this or she would have lost it all. she doesnt look that bad actually

Joud said...

amunki: hehe.. am such a sucker for celebrity gossip; yes i think she just doesn't know what to do with herself anymore

fonzy: but she looks like a little boy !

MishMisha said...

she needs to grow up... what the hell was she thinking?

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...

I've heared about it today morning on 99.7 but i couldn't picture her in my mind! britney! that takes alot of courage for a celebrtiy to go bold in public (Leave demi moore aside).
But yeah, she really needs to focus more on her life, she's so taken with parties and drinking. Poor babies!

Anonymous said...

Is she imitating Meg Ryan? WTF?

Joud said...

mishmisha: she wasn't

ms loala: i think it's a rebellious reaction out of frustration. i knew a girl who did that once, only she was 14! and wasn't a superstar, and didnt have kids..... i gotta say i kinda feel bad for britney

maze: yeah maybe she was going fot the meg ryan look, only a tad shorter. and by tad i mean all the way