Friday, February 23, 2007

Kuwait deserves


National Day (February 25) celebrates the creation of Kuwait as a nation in 1961. The day is marked national celebrations which include public meetings and get-togethers, firework displays and a spirit of celebration that imbues every Kuwaiti.

Liberation Day (February 26) celebrates the liberation of Kuwait by a multi-national force from seven months of traumatic Iraqi occupation on February 26, 1991. Each year the day is marked with public gatherings and get-togethers. However, the day is also tinged with sadness as Kuwait remembers and honours the martyrs who lost their lives fighting Iraqi oppression and the 605 Prisoners of War still held captive in Iraqi jails.
Happy Holiday Everyone


eshda3wa said...

happy national & liberation day everyone!

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Happy Holiday :D

Talisman said...

kuwait deserves a big sack of shit if you ask me

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays...:) GOD BLESS Q8 AND ITS PEOPLE..

The Criticizer said...

Happy Holidays.

Beware going out but if you do make sure you avoid them 3agad.

Zed said...

happy national & liberation day to all... and yes beware and avoid the 3agad on the gulf road ... heheh

Kinan said...

Happy be-lated National & Liberation Days to you all :D