Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Magic number

u feel like your state of passive euphoria is being shattered. u clench your eyes in an attempt to fight the familiar outburst of uneasiness about to invade you mentally as well as physically. u've been there before, u know this unpleasant feeling all too well. u ignore this unwelcomed interruption for as long as you can, and just when u're about to give in, u realize there is a way out. a temporary way out: the snooze button.

u extend your arm without moving the rest of your distraught body; as if on autopilot, your arm autonomously heads for the magic button without knocking anything off of your nightstand. and just like that, the shrieking stops. u unconsciously smile and dive deeper into your pillows and covers to savor the newfound bliss, completely oblivious of what's about to happen in 5, 7, or 9 minutes.

and right when u start to fall back into deep exhilarating sleep, it happens all over again. and again. and again.

i have a love & hate relationship with my snooze button. and i can't decide whether it was a good or evil invention. it's like a perpetual cycle of torture and relief.

who am i kidding, i take it all back. i love my 9-minute snooze button.

what's your magic number - how long is your snooze ?


Kinan said...

ahhhh! The snooze button :)

*grins foolishly*

Mine is set on 9-minutes. And I too have developed the ability to go back into my dreams :P

Elijah said...

Lol I wrote bout this too :) we got lots in common Joud.

Mine is 30 minutes ;)

Joud said...

kinan: can u change the setting on yours ? because i cant.. if i could maybe i'd change it to 11 min

elijah: 30 min ??? damn !
haha did u write about it ? will look it up

Kinan said...

Sadly, no :(

I get an option of 5, 7, and 9. And of course of course I went with 9 ;)

gives us the link, precious! lool

I tried looking for it in your blog, but all went in vain :(