Thursday, February 15, 2007

val-NOT-ine's day

Happy val-NOT-ine's day everyone, this day I created for all you selfish single people out there.
Reward yourself on this special occasion.
Go out, have fun, buy gifts, do whatever you wanna do cause this is your day.


Kinan said...


I think you should patent it before someone else does :D

Happy Val-NOT-ine's

Elijah said...

HAPPY VAL-NOT-INE'S Day , sorry was so busy to wish a3ayyid 3a3laik today.

What did u get urself????

and nice face lift, i was getting bored of the orange, i know mine is boring too, will get to it soon.

Zed said...

kinan: where do i go to patent it?

elijah: thank you, i got myself tickets to the shakira concert in dubai..

Kinan said...

The Patents Office! lol...

Try googling it :)