Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine dilemma

when it comes to valentine's day, people seem to be divided into 2 camps: the hopeless romantics who buy everything and anything red and heart-shaped; they pre-book way in advance for dinner, pre-order chocolates and roses, make a valentine's day music mix, stock up on aromatic candles, and send out greeting cards to everyone. some of them go as far as wearing red for the occasion.

then u have the cynics. they hate everything about 'hallmark day', think everyone is stupid and naive for buying into this evil carefully planned marketing war waged by greeting card makers, confectioners and florists every year to defraud the poor consumers out of their hard-earned money.

if you don't want to be bound to any of these 2 extremes, then join my camp. i don't believe in valentine's day per se, but i do believe in taking any opportunity to show that you care, including the 14th of feb. so if you feel like it, buy presents/flowers, go out to dinner, just don't overdo it.
my camp stands for moderation in love bahavior on valentine's day; it rejects extreme corny behaviors as well as extreme cynical attitudes on that day. it's for moderate people who don't like extremes, kind of like the new 11th of march political movement in lebanon ;)

so happy moderate love day everyone !


Nora-Cassandra said...

In here (Finland) we call the 14th of Feb: Friend's day or friendship day!

I think that's much better. If you don't have that special someone you'll always have friends! And I think if you have that special someone, then you don't need a special day to show that one how much you love him/her! My husband shows me almost every day how much he really cares, so I don't even want him to be spending so much money or working himself over time for a day that I think about it as Friendship day!

eshda3wa said...

Frienship day, that IS so much better!!
i believe in celebrating when its something personal, birthday, anniversary, but a day someone made up to show love, ill pass thank u very much!

Elijah said...

I'm gonna wear red with hearts all over! and carry red roses and balloons and write I love you everywhere looooool,

So you know which camp I belong to now ;)

Fonzy said...

u can count me in ur camp... i hate overdoing it. jflowers, dinner, some romance... thats it.. no need to go overboard.

Zed said...

i hate valentines.. i will create a day were ppl celebrate their singleness...for all the single ppl out there... i shall call it

Drum Roll......

val-NOT-ine's day .. for ppl NOT in a relationship... this day is cooler cause you get to buy gifts for yourself hehe

Joud said...

nora: friendship day sounds great, it's something everyone can celebrate; and yes, love should be an ongoing thing - unaffected by what day it is or what mood one's in

eshda3wa: then happy friendhip day ;)

elijah: hehehe loud and clear

fonzy: my camp welcomes u; glad to have found another love moderate !

zed: would u be saying the same thing if u had a special someone ?

Elijah said...

I was being sarcastic Joud, I hope you got that :/

Zed said...

my statement spicifically show that that day of for SINGLE PPL

val-NOT-ines day is the 15th of February hehhe

Ms Loala said...

Valentine's who?
Seriously, You're the one who should reward youreself with chocolate, teddy bears and flowers ;p
I only aknowledge it for married couples.

Joud said...

elijah: of course i did, sarcasm is my first language !

zed: so then everyone has smthg to celebrate this weekend, one way or another ;)

ms loala: believe me i reward myself with chocolate all the time :/

Anonymous said...

i hate valentines day sooo much...

u'll know why in my post on feb14

Transparently said...

I was wondering where those -middle- minded ppl would stand, so you got an established camp? Count me in, I'll get the card/video/board games!

Joud said...

maze: i'll stay tuned !

transparently: i love to play cards and board games ! when the camp is officially established, u get the rank of captain ;)