Saturday, March 3, 2007

3 things

3 places i'd like to visit this year:
1. greek islands (never been)
2. spain
3. sharm (never been)

3 places i will likely visit this year:
1. london
2. beirut
3. dubai


eshda3wa said...

if ur going to europe--- then go to greek or spain
if ur getting a ticket to beirut or dubai just go to sharm instead!

why nt go to the places u wanna go to?

Joud said...

walla 9adja.. el moshkela someone i care about is moving to london very soon so i will def go visit this summer; beirut is a must every year, to see my leb part of the family. end of this month i'm going to dubai to see shakira; w bas, makoo vacation days anymore :(

of course i will still try to sneak a couple of days from london and hit the spanish coast ;)

Elijah said...

I wanna go to Greece.

Joud said...

i tried going there 2 summers ago but i couldn't find a booking (awefully short notice). so i went to barcelona :)

KJ said...

So you're not coming to Syria? You'll miss out on a lot ;)

Joud said...

KJ: maybe next year ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm going to shakira too...:)

Joud said...

maze: cool ! so many people are going, it will be fun