Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Richest 50

I always assumed Al-Waleed bin Talal is on top of that list, I guess I was wrong.

Check out this list of the richest 50 Arab families.

Sorry my non-arab readers, I couldn't find it in English.

Updated: Link to English list (Thanks to Sene)


Kinan said...

One day, I will be at the top of that list!

You just wait and see losers :p

*goes back to daydreaming*

Sene said...

For English readers, here is the link -

Happy Wolf said...

I used my 'take one hour to read one arabic sentence' tool ... BTW does milliar means a billion or a million ? cz if it's million i swear my name should be on top ! just kidding !!

Zed said...

kinan: just remeber me when you are on top of that list...

sene: thanks :D

happy wolf: lol and milliar = billion..

Kinan said...

I shall buddy (just, Shhh! we don't want anyone to know now, do we?!) ;)

eshda3wa said...

waleed is not on top but hes sure close behind!

<--- day dreams about kinnan being on top
<-- closes her eyes
<--- holds her breath
<--- clench fists
<--- squeezes her eyes shut

kinan man im just not getting a vision
i keep seeing me up there ;P

KJ said...

I'm shocked that Waleed Bin Talal isn't on the top as well!

Kinan - go on daydreaming :P I will be on top before you.

Zed said...

Kinan: i'll keep it on the down low

eshda3wa: i guess the media makes it seen like he's no. 1

kj: all of you can daydream about being on top of that list, i wouldn't mind being at the bottom of the list...

Anonymous said...

lebanon tops the cousins are in the list...:)

Yazeed said...

how come the guy at number one didnt make the forbes list?
even al waleed's billion's are more on this list than on forbes

something fishy with this list

Zed said...

maze: how close are you with these cousins of yours hehe

yazeed: some ppl choose not to appear on the forbes magazine.... and there's always something fishy going on ;)