Tuesday, May 8, 2007

End of the road

yesterday a friend of mine told me that boyz II men were going to perform in dubai soon. her voice was full of nostalgia - for let's face it, the boyz were an integral part of us growing up in the early 90's. she asked wether i wanted to go see them perform; i told her to go listen to 1 of their songs right now and see how much they suck. then apologized for insulting our childhood.

i don't know how we used to listen to this - along with other similar lovey dovey r&b drama. i tried to make a "school days cd" a couple of months back, and couldn't bring myself to re-listen to jodeci, shai, swv, color me badd, silk.... the only ones which still sound good are pm dawn, en vogue, tlc

funny how tastes change, musical and other


Happy Wolf said...

Boyz 2 Men ! i love those guys .. they were the best !

KJ said...

*packs shotgun and buys tickets to show... hehehehe*

eshda3wa said...

boys 2 men ROCK!

i used to be soo in love with them!

but ur right tastes does change, bs the songs always bring back good memories

Joud said...

wow i guess they had a lot of fans back in the day :)

eshda3wa oh yeah, beautiful memories !

Gay by Nature said...

who said Taste change ? !! Taste NEVER change trust me only those " Wannabes" say that ..I know many ppl who are into 80s songs or 90s !! why ? becoz thats their taste ..but if you were a Boyz2Men fan in the 90s and suddenly you left them for My Chemical Romance or Shakira..then you probably werent an R&B fan after all ...cya