Thursday, May 31, 2007

So I lost my chance...

..... I just heard on the news that Shakira is gonna get married..... I will crawl back under my rock until I find a new love.... Fernando de la Rua, the former president of Argentina, says his son Antonio and the 'Hips Don't Lie' singer - who have been dating for five years - have discussed tying the knot but haven't set a date.
He is quoted as saying: "They prefer to wait. Kids today would rather live as a couple they don't believe that marriage is necessary to be happy."
Fernando has also revealed that he is very fond of his future daughter-in-law.
He added: "Shakira is a very good woman, she is very loving to her parents and with her in-laws as well.
"She is a lover of peace who is concerned about those less fortunate than herself."
Meanwhile, Shakira has admitted she doesn't understand her sex symbol status.
The 28-year-old star insists she is very shy and quiet in real life, the opposite of her sultry pop persona.
She recently said: "My videos represent the artist in me very well, not the woman I am.
"When they watch my videos, people think I'm a very sexually aggressive person, but I am completely the opposite. I'm not as self-confident as it seems when I'm on the stage. I have lots of insecurities. I am actually very shy."


sunshine said...

no worries zed, we're all here to help u through it ;)

i m everybody's rock said...

There's still plenty of big fish out there :) right here in Q8. For that you only have to look beyond the Shakiras and the Haifas of this world.

KJ said...

The savages! They stole your love away! I say fight back and win her heart again!

Zed said...

ok i will stop living in la la land.... i'll try never never land.. and not the one Michael Jackson owns... i am reffering to the Peter Pan Never Never Land lol