Thursday, June 14, 2007

Confusion set in

I know it should be a no brainer, but I am confused.. This is my dilemma, do I go to:

(Both on the 5th of July)



LAURYN HILL Live in Concert - Dubai

Pros & Cons
I've seen both live before, TIESTO many many times... Lauryn Hill once with the Fugees.... TIESTO is in Petra, it's gonna be amazing.......Lauryn single without the Fugees.....Lauryn in Dubai, I got bored of Dubai and was there just 2 weeks ago...... HELLLLPPPPPPPP MMMEEEE


Moey said...

come to jordan for a change, I'm going to tiesto as well.

Anonymous said...

i'm going on the 26 to 29 july..the rave party thing...:)

da kuwaiti brahmin said...

Go to neither of 'em. If I were you I'd go along with maze and bemazed. the rave party thing and rain dance at Fort Aguada, Goa sounds like a lot more fun.

Dazed & Confused said...

Tiesto is playing in Bahrain on the 4th of July in the F1 Circut , hit that then jet to Dubai :)

elijah said...

I don't know either but I would say Petra, it would be cool!

Zed said...

moey: i wanna go to Petra but i'm going to Amman 3 times in the next 3 months... and i was there 2 weeks ago

maze: whats this rave party thing?? do you mean ???

da kuwaiti brahmin: tell me more???

dazed & confused: i wouldnt go to bahrain to see Tiesto... it'll be full or Saudi 3agad.. i love Bahrain and its ppl, but its a "saudi arabian bar"

elijah: i've never been to petra

dkb said...

Since you ask check in to the Leela Goa or the Coconut Grove(Betalbatim Beach) and check out the Mud baths of Arambol before soaking yourself lock stock and barrel in hippie culture and the psychedelic scene read Anjuna beach, Goa. Hopefully, upon your return you will have brought a piece of Trance back to Kuwait in your breast pocket.

elijah said...

Can you believe it, neither have I!!

My sis went though and brought back pics and amazing stories.

I think it's one of the places u have to go to, and besides every weekend willa inta na6 ebdubai enuf :)

Gay by Nature said...

Who da hell is Tiesto ?...I never heard of her before... sounds underground..anyway I'm going to see Luarin Hell live in Dubai.. she is gifted talented.. than your Tisesto ..." that thing that thing that thiiing " love that song :)

Anonymous said...

yup its the distant heat party

Moey said...

welcome to Jordan, 7ayyak.