Friday, June 22, 2007

Digital Kuwait

finally, the baladiya (municipality) has developed a web-based interactive map of kuwait. u can zoom into it down to a block level, or use the search function in the menu and type in what you're looking for, in arabic or english; very handy.

you can even take a look at some statistics, like population and age group distribution.
i like.


moocherx said...

I've been using this about a year.... I thought everyone knew about it. But it's not up-to-date. In my area of Mangaf it shows the whole block developed, yet only 10% of the buildings are there. Plus there are now roads and roudabouts in the area which aren't on the map.

But as we are in Kuwait and don't expect a perfect job, it's a good effort - 5 out of 10.

Joud said...

it's been around for a year ? strange i haven't seen it before since i'm always looking for maps when i have to go somewhere i don't know. which happens often

jumping translocation said...

Does it cover underground synagogues, temples,public libraries, and betting and pawn shops too?

hurricane haya said...

Hey, you ! naughty, naughty ..... your digital entry, I am afraid clearly suggests horny innuendos that desecrate the holier-than- thou society we have now been able to synthesise in Kuwait. It makes me blush without actually, putting my blush on (pour homme) :). The cheek Baladiya has got to entice people living in Kuwait to get tactile with one another, through this their digital Q8 initiative!
Digitally yours,

felicity zugzug said...

Thanx for reminding there exists a Baladiya in Kuwait today. It is itching to get privatized or better still, out-sourced to the Emirates.

Joud said...

jumping trans: it's got some of the underground.. parking lots. sorry to disappoint

hurricane haya: if u keep looking for innuendos u'll keep finding them everywhere ;)

felicity: i second privatization, but for crying out loud i don't want kuwait to look like the emirates. all due respect

Khaled Griffens said...

What's not to like about the Emirates ? Is it their litter free streets or their sprightly public gardens, and well kept fountains both inside of malls and outdoors?

Joud said...

khaled: well-kept fountains ? u obviously haven't been to al-kout mall

on a more serious note, i find dubai congested and asphyxiating; it's like 1 big construction site.

much ado about nothin' said...

My dear Joud:

With all due respect, luv, one water front development does not a country make! I have been to Al kout on several occasions and each time I go visiting there I cannot help but marvel at the fantastical water features they have there with the elegant & tranquil mall interiors and all.

Joud said...

ado: but they make the water dance to the music <:-o