Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPhone's worst 5

according to c-net tv, here are the 5 worst things about the iphone:

5- no 3G
4- unimpressive capacity; comes in 4 or 8GB
3- 2-year contract minimum without discount (in u.s.)
2- battery non-removable and doesn't last that long
1- price: 500$ for 4GB and 600$ for 8GB

to me the most surprising is that it doesn't have 3G

watch the video here


KJ said...

NO 3G wow! Incredibly unimpressive!

Anonymous said...

There is no well established 3G network in the US so I can see why it wasn't an priority for Apple.

Joud said...

kj: i know !

anonymous: yes but the apple market is well beyond the u.s.