Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Karma is a b*tch

i've always believed in karma, and after that little incident last week i do even more. i was with a friend of mine in one of the warmer countries of europe, and seeing some pigeons frolicking around out the window i asked her if she'd ever been "hit" by a pigeon before. "yes, many times! " she said, at which point i laughed and made fun of her.

my karma must've taken notice of my mild cruelty towards my friend because the very next day, surely enough, an evil pigeon got me right on the head, tank top, skirt - in one hit. needless to say my friend had a field day with the situation. luckily we were a couple of meters away from the hotel, but i still can't describe how GROSS it was. EEEWWWW


elijah said...

The pic is hilarious :) and karma sure is b*tch when it works against u, it usually works for me :)

Kinan said...

Karma is elijah's secret mutant-ninja power!

loooooool @ pic

Joud said...

elijah: lucky u i'm always tip-toing around my karma !

kinan: yeah i'm sure the pigeons get together and high-five each other at the end of the day

Peony said...

karma rocks when its on your side baby ;p
im loving it !

Joud said...

i bet it does !!