Sunday, June 10, 2007

Technology at its best

A GPS site where you can type in a mobile phone number and it finds exactly where the location person is (assuming the mobile is switched on). Try it out - it's pretty accurate. Put in the mobile code in the first fields, and the number in the other field.

Click on the picture to proceed.


Mani said...

I knew that something stupid will come by the end:) nice one

Kinan said...

No No!

I have already fallen for this once, I am not falling for it again !!!

Ms Loala said...

Woooo :p

Unfortunately my work doesn't prompt jave scripts :( damn i really need to get my subscription back!

Joud said...

is it weird that i tried to locate myself ?

KJ said...

OMG amazing! Pinpoint accuracy!

Zed said...

mani: thanks :D

kinan: haha you actually fell for it.. i knew it was a joke..

ms loala: yes you do need to re subscribe.. java = games and fun hehe

joud: i tried to locate myself too hehe

kj: where you trying to locate yourself or your gf lol

Ms Loala said...

I can't believe you guys!!!!