Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I can feel it

I don't usually get sick very often, but after the exhausting vacation that I had, I feel like garbage, I'm tired all the time, my throat hurts, I have a runny nose, my back aches, my head is constantly spinning, I really hope its just the flu or maybe my withdrawal symptoms. (don't ask from what, cause if your not smart enough to figure out what people do in Ibiza, you're not smart enough to be reading this blog)

Anyways, I'm going to nap for a bit on my desk, if you guys have any suggestion on fast remedies, please let me know ASAP.


commenter said...

take 2 Panadol acti-fast pills ASAP and go to bed under heavy covers so that you sweat your sickness away then take a hot shower! easy...salamat my dear

Kinan said...

you need to counter your withdrawal symptoms. Booze, e, more booze or any combination thereof should help ;)

Anonymous said...

salamat...take juices and lot of fluids..get well soon!

Swair. said...

i post a video about a fast remedie on my blog! go to (http://swair.wordpress.com/2007/06/10/im-sick/), watch the video and u'll die in seven days.. uhm, i mean, u'll be better in no time! :p

Zed said...

commenter: thanks for the quick tip, but panadol is like candy to me. i need something more effective

kinan: the booze is easy, where do i get the e from??

maze: been dinking lots of fluids, i just pee more now hehe

swair: LOL @ die in 7 days

elijah said...

Ya we know what goes on in Ibiza, I don't think it's the alcohol though that's doing that to u ;)

KJ said...

Kinan, you're a terrible person :P Don't give that shit to Zed. LoL.

Oh oh oh

Actually give him Voltarin pills and tell him they're e pills. LoooL. Charge a lot :P Sugar trick always works

Dynamic Deeds said...

Sallamat =P

I say drink Z3tar with shredded ginger! It is the best for kicking el sickness!

eshda3wa said...


thats wat u get for overdoing it

just rest n inshallah ull be fine

Zed said...

elijah: ya i don't think its the alcohol, i took maze's advice and drank alot of fluids this weekend (vodka), and i don't seem to be getting any better

kj: yes to Voltarin pills

Dynamic Deeds: the z3tar is easy to get, but where do i buy ginger from?? i'm in no condition to go grocery shopping

eshda3wa: ya i know, i never learn from my mistakes, i always overdo it, but then again it was all worth it

Anonymous said...

Maybe Viagra might do the trick.

Zed said...

Anonymous: already tried that, didn't work for my flu, but it does what it claims it should ;)

fun with tom n dick said...

Here's my holistic take on countering Ms. Influenza:

- chicken soup twice a day everyday till you feel better.

- drink only tepid water. Nothing like boiling water for at least 20 mins.

- stop using the computer and TV completely

- Salt water gargles with a pinch of turmeric

- warm milk with a dash of turmeric

- half a glass of the finest brandy before you tuck yourself in for the night. Liquor is banned in Kuwait but I have it on good authority MOH are mulling over whether to include brandy as an essential drug available at all chemists in Kuwait

- visit the loo every now and again and drink plentiful coconut water for electrolytes.

- a Zinc and Vitamin C supplement for life first thing in the morhing with a glass of cold water

- avoid pubbing and discotheque-ing in high risk HIV/AIDs zones such as Bangkok, Dubai and Ibiza.

Zed said...

fun with tom n dick: appreciate your concern and remedies, but i think i'm saving them for the next time i get sick, i'm fine now :)