Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Quick escape

i just discovered that august 11th is a holiday (isra2 & me3raj), so there's going to be a nice little 3-day weekend in mid august. i'm contemplating these options (in order of preference):

- taking a quick escape to beirut
- staying put and relaxing as much as possible
- visiting a friend in dubai

what's everyone else doing ?


Nomad said...

idk if 3 days are enough to travel XD
i myself will be just chillin as always

eshda3wa said...

gna be in spaiiin

Maze said...

chillin home coz m going to beirut on aug23...:)

Joud said...

nomad: realistically speaking i'll probably end up doing that as well

eshda3wa: nnnnice

maze: niyyyelak !

Anonymous said...

whatever you do... don't fly with royalty ;-)

Dynamic Deeds said...

I will be in Paris <3 on the 11th.
I wish you have fun in your trip =D

Joud said...

anonymous: how annoying. i've witnessed a similar incident where a woman didnt want to sit next to a man on a flight from bahrain; they got into an ugly verbal fight and she ended up crying the during the whole flight

dynamic deeds: i miss paris ! have a good time :)

taif when it sizzles said...

Me and my husband are seriously thinking to trade in our tickets to Dubai for a weekend at the Taif Sheraton. Taif can indeed be a most romantic place for this time of year.

Joud said...

and if that's fully booked there's always kabul :P

to my afghan with love said...

Kabul's way too hip for us, hippies! Now Kandahar- that is more our kind of place. They tell me there are amazing menage-a trois packages for the upwardly nubile at the Four Seasons in Kandahar.