Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top 5 Arab Cities for Single Young Professionals

Inspired by Laialy_Q8's post on the Forbes list of the best cities for young professionals, I decided to create the same list for best Arab cities for single young professionals:

Top 5 Arab cities for Single young professionals:

  1. Dubai

  2. Amman

  3. Manama

  4. Cairo

  5. Kuwait

* I would've loved to put Beirut on this list, but under the current circumstances, It doesn't even come close.

(this list is purely my opinion, if you have any objections, screw you)


Anonymous said...

at least, Kuwait on the list ;)

thanks for passing by... :D

Zed said...

passing by?? you mean Kuwait or your blog hhehehehe

N. said...

lol at the fine text. good list.

Anonymous said...

my blog... and q8 :D

eshda3wa said...

u sound a bit hostile

hmmm but i still gotta give it some thought to see if i agree or disagree

KJ said...

Dubai only if you have a really good salary

NiQa said...

What would a "young professional" do in Kuwait? Poor thing! Single too!!! Not only the kid gets slammed with what might be his first job after graduation - you want him to go through kuwait's lifestyle of dating? :( sad!

Nomad said...

Viva la Kuwait!
lol tbh kuwait only works for none kuwaiti professionals or connected kuwaities XD

Kinan said...

I agree with all top four - Kuwait?! not so much.

Cool list. Pretty realistic too.

Gay by Nature said...

I wonder why Amman, kuwait and Bahrain are on the list .. I may understand why would you choose Cairo n Dubai but the rest doesnt deserve to be there .. thats my opinion if you have any objections screw you ..

Confashion said...

Hmm.. Kuwait? I'm surprised!

elijah said...

So should I go back home?

Zed said...

n: thanks

rekoo: no prob ;)

eshda3wa: let me know what your list would be

kj: obviously

niqa: i know how you feel, i never took that in consideration, cause it doesnt exists in kuwait lol

nomad: maybe your right, but i wouldnt know cause i am a non kuwaiti, i will judge according to my lifestyle

kinan: you probablt dont agree with kuwait being on that list cause you live in kuwait, i bet people in dubai would say the same, and people in manama..etc..

gay by nature: why Amman, cause its one of the greatest cities in the middle-east, everyone complains about it cause no one knows anything about it

confashion: my opinion, remember

elijah: is there anything stopping you???

miss porcupine said...

Objection raised to Dubai. Dubai has never been an Arab city. It is infested with Indians, Russians and English tourists, of late.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I saw your comments and I would like to add this if you allow me :)