Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poor kiddo

a chinese couple decided to pick an unusual name for their baby. what do u think they called him/her?

a) stalin
b) britney spears
c) @

click here to find out


chikapappi said...

hehehe! That's an easy name - character to remember!

don_veto said...

So if they want to know where the baby went, they could say, "where is @ at?" (in chinese of course) ;)

Canc3riaN said...


Alright then I'll name my son ©

and my daugter ®

Nice post.

Zed said...


PiNkiSh said...

LOOL I actually like it! Its even better than Britney Spears hehe.

Joud said...

chickapappi: yes but whats the poor kid's fault :)

don_veto: or think of the kid's email address: @@hotmail.cn

canc3ian: hehe good one

zed: well theres already w, which is george bush's nick

pinkish: 7aram 3aletch !