Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top Universities World Wide

How sad is this? One Arab university in the top 500 world wide, not quite sure where all that oil money is going, but it sure as hell not going to higher education.
Of Course, most of the top schools are in America, yet a lot of Arabs think that America is ready to collapse any day now. I'm, for one, am not holding my breath for that one.


CeCe said...

Shame. I think it'll take ages for me to find my univeristy on the list. Wait. I don't think it's in the list at all!

N. said...

My univ is in the top 810 at least. Out of 4000, that's pretty cool.

The Lounsbury - Aqoul said...

Something called diminishing returns.

For the Gulf, there is not the proper economic incentives (real ones, not theoretical) to develop solid educational systems - and K-12 is more important than university quite frankly overall for most of the region.

Most Gulf natives have a future taken care of in the near term such that investment in education doesn't have the proper payoff. Even where Unis have started up, again the incentives are all out of whack.

And where there are the proper incentives, poorly run state systems dominate and there is not the money on hand to invest (that is, the majority of the Arab region w/o wealth....).

The petrol states might be best served by investing in the creation of non-profit "off-shore" Unis and focusing on training non-nationals....

Nora Cassandra said...

Sad!!! My daughter will be in Helsinki from the high school! I got to the Helsinki Uni (no. 44) but dropped out because I got bored! :P I hope she doesn’t follow her mum’s steps! ;)

Chirp said...

Mine is number 12!! Go Gophers! :)

Anonymous said...

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