Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome to Kuwait

in an effort to turn Kuwait into a commercial hub, the ministry of interior is trying to simplify visa procedures and increase the number of visitors:

(...) The officials also said that citizens from five more countries are allowed to enter Kuwait without visas, including Georgia, Bhutan and Vietnam. (Kuwait Times)

how many visitors do we get from Bhutan every year ??


da great kuwaiti dane said...

Come again, where on earth is the Kingdom of Bhutan!?
Even if the interior started issuing 2 week visas on arrival to all legal aliens resident in other member GCC states that would itself shake up the retail and commercial scene in Q8 a little.

N. said...

I wouldn't know how many. But I do know we probably get a lot of visitors from asian countries. I don't understand why anyone would want to come here for a vacation? Why? Dubai is right around the corner!

Kinano said...

hmmmm... good question?

Joud said...

da great kuwaiti dane: yeah really . . maybe they should look into that before they go granting visa exemptions to surinam and fiji

n.: i doubt that tourism is the top reason

kinan: it's a way to look good and flexible without actually changing anything