Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Google doodles

i've always enjoyed the playful changes google does to its logo on certain meaningful days as an acknowledgement / commemoration of those days.

google, being as cool as it usually is, has created an online museum containing all these holiday logos - link

there is actually one guy whose job it is to create them; i'm no graphic designer, but how cool would it be to have this job ?

my favorite ones:

1. braille's birthday

2. martin luther king day

3. andy warhol's birthday


chikapappi said...

I love those too.. they make google nice :)

N. said...

That's the coolest job I have heard of so far.

Swair. said...

Google is already THE BEST PLACE TO WORK, just youtube it and you'll know what i mean! so i'm not surprised at the existence of a cool job like that :p

Joud said...

chikapappi: yes they do !

n.: i wish i had a creative job like that

swair: yes i know what u mean, i've seen it, pretty surreal