Friday, September 14, 2007


this ramadan's tv bomb is without a doubt, 7aleema boland.

in an after fu6oor tv zapping session, i landed on fawazeer 7aleema on rai tv. she was playing 3 characters, at the same time, in the same scene.

now maybe, just maybe, theres a chance i could watch her for 3 min straight without actually gauging my eyes out. but watching 3 of her at once was a bit much.

i dont like bashing people but she's asking for it - why does she act / talk / walk / dress like that ?

(i picked that picture for obvious reasons)


commenter said...

7aleema is a queen...a DRAG queen.

chikapappi said...

YA SALAAAAAAAAAM! I've been trying to erase her image from my head since yesterday NOW I see her in her "costume"! @$%!@ !! OK!


Blue Dress said...

Commentor comment is just hilarious!

Yeah i know someone needs to talk to the poor woman!

Wer3Y said...

We3 we3 we3...!
jad 7aleeema SUCKS!!!! ma tenbele3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dishevelled said...

My question is: Why do some girls try to act/talk/walk like her!? :/

Very.Q8ya said...

winta ilsaaaj the question is: why we find her everywhere? even in posts! =|

phoenix said...

someone shooooot herrrrrr!!

etyeeb elma7e!

Swair. said...


*cries her eyes out til she gets blind*

Ms Loala said...

I hate her phoney character!

Ghasheema said...

dont make fun of her..maskeena she needs serious help fast...she thinks she is barbie @_@

Joud said...

commenter: hihihihi bull's eye

chikapappi: i know she's all over the place - on billboards too ! why oh why

blue dress: talk / smack, whichever

wer3y: KELLESH

dishevelled: because some guys dig that ????

very.q8ya: yeah, sorry about that :/

phoenix: elma7e is an understatment !

swair: poor me i saw her again today by mistake... MY EYYYYES !!!

ms loala: oh so phony - who is she fooling ??

ghasheema: hahahaha ee walla yebteeha

Shoush said...

Maybe it's luck that has taken away my alrai tv access this year.

:::: SHAYOUMA :::: said...

I don't want to make fun of her but I don't know how she can show herself like that to the world? An intelligant woman wouldn't want to be remembered like that! Not that I mean she is intelligant but women in general want to be remembered or known for something to be proud of.

Seriously she needs help and she seems so in love with herself. Poor woman, I feel her brain is empty like a box.

dishevelled said...

Joud: So I guess the question should be; what on earth do guys dig about acting as though I'm a melting fake Barbie doll whose face you can scoop, who's brain has nothing but air, and who think its a drag queen's Halloween party everyday? 0:)

That was a bit harsh but I really wanted to say that :P

bo_sale7 said...

صباح الخير

من منها .....لوما لقت تشجيع وناس تدفع جان اقضبت ارضها وبيتها من زماااااان

بس الحقيقة انه الذوق العام ما يبشر بخير ابدا .....


Joud said...

Shoush: yes, u must have good karma

shayouma: 9ara7a dont feel bad she's asking for it

dishevelled: hahaha no worries, this blog's harsh-o-meter is very deep ;) and yes, those ppl are the source of the problem

bo_sal7: ee walla 9adj, el sharha 3ala hal nass elli y8aldoonha w ydeggoon 3ala barnamejha w ygooloonlaha eshkether ethabbel

KJ said...

Thank God I don't watch TV, especially in Ramadan

elijah said...

I don't know her, never heard of her til now, but from the pic I have a clear idea of what she's like!

Joud said...

KJ: if u do, stir clear of rai this month

elijah: 6ayfetch no9 3omretch (yeah right)

Desert-Roses said...

She is hot , she is pretty , she is sexy.....

I have to all should!!

bs madri, mo rakeb el mwa'9oo3 kela 3ala ba3'9a, chinna ice cream and pickles mixture...lool

elmohem, lets gossip for a bit, taking my role as a woman :P...
I have heard that she has just divorced due to el fawazeer , o thats her husband said: shes ma9e5atha :P

ee 9a7!!

Joud said...

desert-roses: we all should what ??

now i feel a bit bad for her :/

maybe she should take it as a wake up call