Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TNG (6)

Here are the current points for each contestant, don't forget that there still a chance to enter and win even if you join TNG now

5 momo
4 chikapappi
3 elijah
2 hammoodee
2 dishevelled
2 kinano
1 blue dress
1 ms loala
1 touche
1 kj

Guess the location of this one


chikapappi said...

GULF ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sailor said...

eee Gulf Road , if go straight ahead u'll find marina mall on ur left hand side .

chikapappi said...

WOHOO!!! God I love my eyes! @@

Ms Loala said...

1 point!! tsk tsk tsk

The picture's dark but i guess i will go with chikas answer since she has pointe more than i do :P

Gulf road? :D

momo said...

definetley gulf road, you can see marina waves on your right

Swair. said...

the sun! :p

Anonymous said...

Ibiza hotel in on the left the one being built.
so thats exaclty jedam the plaza
ya3ni plaza on the left as well.

is that called gulf road two.
ya3ni first ring ayy!

Kinano said...

gulf road between Scientific Center and Hard Rock Cafe

Zed said...

i don't think saying GULF ROAD is going to cut it. be more specific people

elijah said...

Gulf Road, near the scientific center where people walk which leads to hard rock and marina waves

chikapappi said...

It's a bit after the scientific center heading towards the marina cresent - on the other side fee this ma63am ba3albak palace maybe!!

fee this new building shaped like music signs... OK like this! :)

momo said...

on the gulf road, just came from blajat st., hardrock on your right in a while and marina mall, and also symphony and olympia malls. also 6arban on ur left :P

Ms Loala said...

Gulf road: Scientific center on the left and symphony on the right?

hammoodee said... know people hit this place everyday it's ra-ma-dan, everybody answered so I'm just gonna wait for the next TNG :)