Wednesday, October 24, 2007


this post has nothing to do with the very talented blogger Eshda3wa, it's just sort of an ode to some oddities in Kuwait


driving on the emergency lane like your time is more precious than everyone else's, eshda3wa

staying on a cardio / weight machine in the gym just to chat on your cell, eshda3wa

clipping your nails in public, eshda3wa

accelerating like crazy on the road just to keep me from switching to your lane, eshda3wa

honking like your life depended on it the second the traffic light turns green, eshda3wa

not answering me at the airport passport control when i say hello (essalam) - especially the women, eshda3wa

taking tailgating to a new level, eshda3wa

going reverse on the highway to take the exit u missed, eshda3wa

opening your car door and gracing the ground with a heavy, goowy, loud spit, eshda3wa

adjusting your 'package' in broad daylight in front of everyone, eshda3wa

more eshda3was ? please share


Anonymous said...

LOL da3waa ya bintii!

chikapappi said...

LOLLL!!! Especially "the package" thing! LOL! Have mercy! WOHO!

hammoodee said...

I eat my nails :P having said that, eshda3wa you make shari3 el7ub your beginning point to everywhere in Kuwait...eshda3wa there's nothing to wear but polo and abercrombie, eshda3wa the apple products prices in kuwait, eshda3wa promoting for university elections outside the university...I like the Iraqi version, Chtawa. Don't judge!

N. said...

Meetings 6 sa3at, eshda3wa.

Not waiting for me (and others) to get off the elevator before going in, eshda3wa.

... I'd come up with more but I can't think, I'm hungry.

Kinano said...

you writing on people clipping their nails in public, eshda3wa!!!!


loool - good post!

Intlxpatr said...

Being served toothpicks, and people picking their teeth IN PUBLIC, and at really expensive hotels, eshda3wa

People who want to go left from the fourth lane on the right, but everyone is patient and lets them (actually, I find it charming)

Joud said...

thanks for yourcontributions guys, and true about the apple product prices in kuwait and the elevator impatience ESHDA3WA !

N. said...

break... banzeen... break.., eshda3wa

The Criticizer said...


Civilized 3agad, eshda3wa?

Was6a, eshda3wa?

Nose kiss, eshda3wa?

In-house tent, eshda3wa?

Joud said...

n.: right on

criticizer: hehehe the nose kiss

drunk on jidda said...

Your latterly eshda3wa abt the'package' not only takes the cake but also the bakery :)
I can think of two more minor eshda3was :
1) Kuwait Airways stewards chatting up and cozying up to first class citizens whilst conveniently ignoring the need of all the rest, in business and first.

2) Immigration officers addressing arriving passengers into KWI international by their nationalities, rather than as Mr or Ms. so and so. 'Ha ya Filipino' or 'taala ya Hindi/Bakistani,' is now quite a familiar refrain to anyone using KWI International regularly.

Joud said...

drunk on jidda: dont get me started on kwt air, i was on a flight last week and the air hostess was walking around unjamming the entertainment system controllers with a sharp knife.

kwt air needs a whole post by itself