Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Freebies for everyone

After i read that Fony from Fonzation received a gift from Dunkin Donuts for just mentioning them on his blog, i came up with this great idea, every week or so i will post my 100% honest opinion of a random place in Kuwait, whether its a good or bad review, it'll be done without any ass kissing for obvious reasons.

I am not a freeloader and don't like gifts, therefore every gift i receive will be randomly distributed to one of iKuwats readers.


chikamammi said...

first of all I think its nice idea, if you noticed I’ve been doing that in semi daily biases "YET" I didn’t not receive any freebee obviously I forgot to associate the but kissing factor

Bes Amana abo 3anatar you pass a couple of donuts to me it you get any

N. said...

That is a great idea. Will be awaiting the first critic review; The good, the bad the ugly!

elijah said...

I think you should start with Tiffany's :P