Thursday, October 18, 2007

TNG (10)

momo 9 (no mercy)
chikapappi 7 (you can do it)
hammoodee 6 (i see a comeback)
elijah 5 (possible)
ms loala 5 (also possible)
blue dress 4 (long shot)
kinano 4 (longer shot)
dishevelled 3 (pray and believe)
touche 3 (keep the faith)
kj 2 (even god can't get out to win this)
sailor 2 (i didn't even notice you were part of the game)


hammoodee said...

Thank God! Top three better than nothing :) having said that, TNG (10) is so hhhaard but at least I'm answering BEFORE momo so that's a win (mashallah) anyway hmm...that's in Mseelah, no? or the Sheikh Jabir stadium? errrhhh...Good Luck everybody

chikapappi said...

shooo heidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?!?! I have to go around in the car looking for this :$

Blue Dress said...

the malll wooohooo im positive.

TOUCHE' said...

Just to keep the faith :)

I can't go wrong with this one, it's my daily work path.

It's the exit entering 6th ring road by King Faisal road (Airport road) heading to Al-Masilah between Sabhan on the right and Ministries Zone (South Surra/Al-Zahra) on the left.

And yes it is 360 showing in the image

chikapappi said...

I join Hammoodee in this, I wait for Momo! MOMOOOOOOOOOOOOO! where's your answer :P !?

momo said...

this is the 360 mall its on the 6th ring road in ministries zone, you're exiting from the airport road (King Faisal) to 6th ring road toward masilah,.. quite same as touche's answer!

Ms Loala said...

I don't know what it is but it looks like it's in maseela.

hammoodee said...

360! There's a ANOTHER new big mall? chika I didn't wait for momo bil3aks I wanted to answer BEFORE momo, mubroooook 3alaik but I demand like half a point coz I said messilah! :P shaikh Jabir stadium wayid outdated information...

360 ha, hmmm....

Kinano said...

that's the 360 from the airport road exit to the 6th!

That's not fair - i was out of town :(

elijah said...

This isn't fun anymore!

I'll just say anything, this is the new stadium in farwaniyeh i think.