Thursday, October 11, 2007

TNG (9)

Here are the scores, up until TNG (8).

momo 8
chikapappi 7
elijah 5
hammoodee 5
dishevelled 3
kinano 4
blue dress 3
ms loala 4
touche 3
kj 2
sailor 2
This is also an easy one, but you guys won't figure it out easily.


chikapappi said...

Why do I not like this picture?! :/

I dunno what's the name of this road, bas it's the one that takes you to Kuwait city - Mishref's on the right hand side

hammoodee said...

Another street,, yawnzville...dayum that's hard, ok I THINK 9uba7 issalim is on your right? errhh..eumm..having said that, you should take like interior shots

Blue Dress said...

yeah this is tough

bes china 9oab 360? the mall the same street also takes you to 9ab7an

Ms Loala said...

Where's momo? :P

Sixth ring motorway?

Zed said...

momo should keep his comment till tomorrow lol

momo said...

I think I know this road :)
I'll say it tommorow :P

GreY said...

Eid Mubarak to all three of You !

momo said...

sixth ringroad highway. subah alsalem on the right, arth elma3areth on the left, you can notice that stupid statue on the left! and I think this is an old pic because they removed the kuwaiti flags from the streets. national day?

Zed said...

i was trying to throw you off with this old pic, i have to admit, momo knows his shit

the day before national day, 6th ring road

i promise next TNG no one will guess it, no one