Monday, October 22, 2007

TNG Results

It's been a month and three weeks since i started TNG, i must admit it was a very time consuming game for me, and ramadan needed that push, now that its over it's time to come up with something else to entertain us while we waste are paid for hours blogging and chatting.

I would like to congratulate MOMO for his unchallenged 10/10 score, although i still think it was an inside job (waldo, joud?). and also i would like to thank everyone else for participating.

Final ranking:

momo 10
chikapappi 7
hammoodee 7
blue dress 5
elijah 5
kinano 5
ms loala 5
touche 4
dishevelled 3
kj 2
sailor 2

momo e-mail me for prize details


chikapappi said...

sho beddy ellak! I think it's an inside job too! *shakes Momo's hands* mabrouk! :P

Ok, I need a prize too! Just for participating :/

Anonymous said...

LOL! congrats Mo.

Joud said...

chika the prize u get for participating is the joy of beaing a part of the game :P

Kinano said...

congrats momo :D

wow! you really know the roads around here. Mabrooook

*pats momo on the back*

momo said...

hey com'on guys I really dont know anyone here! I saw this blog about 2 months ago only!

and about the prize I really don't want it. just give it to the second place, mabrok Chika :D

and thanks for the game :)

elijah said...

Congrats momo! Are you Zed in disguise? hmmm

Zed said...

i don't think momo should give up the prize that easy, what do you think people????

he knows his kuwait

chikapappi said...

ok, if momo doesn't want it am in :D - hand in the prize people!

p.s Zed: this is for the Syrian shanabat!

momo said...

it's really ok, I don't want the prize, givr it to Chika
only if it was a car :P


Zed said...

momo: yo uare a generous person, CHIKA i will transfer the 10,000 USD directly to your bank account LOL

yes i am pulling your leg, e-mail me so we can discuss the details please

elijah said...

Oh c'mon already momo, email him we wanna know what the prize is!!

Zed: Next game :)

momo said...

I didn't know how to get ur email,
this is my e-mail:

chikapappi said...

*passes out* MOMO!! leish you changed your mind! *cries*

Ms Loala said...

Congratulations momo.

Now come on, what's the prize? :P

momo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hammoodee said...

oh momo ur the hotness mubrook, 7 is my lucky number and loves TNG thnx guys