Friday, November 9, 2007

Deportation for Traffic Violation?

"KUWAIT CITY: The Ministry of Interior is currently studying a draft law on deporting expatriates who commit serious traffic violations, Director General of the Traffic Organizing Department Brigadier Mahmoud Al-Dossari told Al-Wasat. Acting on instructions from Interior Minister Sheikh Al-Khalid Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Al-Dossari said the Ministry is now working on the classification of traffic violations to pave the way for the implementation of the law.

Under the law, Al-Dossari disclosed the Ministry will cancel the licenses of expatriates holding Article 24 visas if they are involved in a tragic accident in a year while expatriates who will commit traffic violations leading to fatal accidents twice within the specified period will be deported as per the recommendations of the Legal Affairs Department at the Ministry.
Urging expatriates to be careful when driving around Kuwait, Al-Dossari advised them not to commit serious traffic violations such as break the red light and speeding. He stressed the Ministry has the right to deport expatriates who violate Kuwaiti laws, affirming this is the common practice in many countries around the world. Al-Dossari added Kuwait appreciates the efforts exerted by the expatriate laborers to achieve national development but this does not give them the right to violate Kuwaiti laws.

He said the Ministry will strictly implement the law after obtaining approval from the concerned authorities indicating the law will be applicable to all the expatriates residing in the country. "
Are they retarded?


Anonymous said...

I dont think so.
law is law.

chikapappi said...

Well Zed, if these are serious vilations reapeted often then yes! Too much car accidents man!

'GreY' said...

17- wazara
Who the Hell is 24 ? Never heard this kind of expats before ... Any idea where they planning to send the Locals for the same violations ?

Zed said...

blue dress: sometimes its an accident, and we all know how cops in kuwait are on a power trip

chika: what if its one serious violation, did you know that they now consider crossing a red light a SERIOUS VIOLATION, so i get deported for a mistake like that????

'grey': good point, if expats get deported, where do locals go??? HOME?

eshda3wa said...

what the hell

and if they were involved in a "tragic" accedent the least of their worries will be deportation

N. said...

Hmm, to tell you the truth, the law does seem like a GREAT idea, but it is NOT practical at all.

Anonymous said...

24 is self-sponsered expat

The Criticizer said...

The only b@stards who need deportation are the 3agad in this country.

Ginzy said...

Well, majority are the kuwaitis who violate the law.....Imagine deporting them from their own country....HA HA HA AHHAHAHHAA HHAAAAAAAAAa