Tuesday, November 27, 2007



it's not very clear but it's an inscription on a pedestrian bridge over a major highway, advising to keep your eyes on the road and to not get distracted

not only did it divert my eyes from the road, but also made me stick my head out the window and snap a picture

so i guess it didn't really fulfil its road awareness purpose now did it


Anonymous said...

Loool! Im afraid its impossible.

Princess said...

lol aham shay!! maybe its a conspiracy to provoke more accidents! ams i saw 7!! 7!!

Kinano said...

LOOOOOOOOL - No it did not :P

N. said...

Now that you read it be careful on the road! :)

Joud said...

blue dress: so it seems !

princess: OLLA !!!

kinan: nope !

n.: u and i both know i'll be reading every inscription my eye catches now :)

N. said...

LOL! You're so right!