Saturday, November 24, 2007

How to dance

these days' social agendas are heavy with events of all kinds, and so the ability to dance can come in very handy.

click here for tips on how to dance properly. don't miss the "stir the pot of love" and "ride the pony" moves !


chikapappi said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! WTH! Heheh! ahem thing the pony ride LOL!

Shoush said...

"Hanging out" is Mr. Bean's dance. :P

Navy Girl said...

wala that dude is funny :D

'Grey' said...

LMAO ! i had to re learn who's your daddy ! i was doing it wrong !

N. said...

Thanks Joud this is great! I know EXACTLY what to do now *wink wink, hint hint* Awesome tips ;D

Chirp said...

LOOOL! Now I know what to do when I hit the clubs :P
They missed out the "shopping cart" "rolling the dice" "rowing the boat" "mowing the lawn" "shoveling the snow" <-- other hot dances that attract the opposite sex :P

Joud said...

chika: hehe i know it's ridiculously funny

shoush: it is isnt it !

navy girl: and has a lot of time on his hands

grey: get with the program !

n.: hehe u're welcome ;)

chirp: wow girl u should create your own demo website and share your dancing expertise ! whats the shopping cart move ??

Princess said...

LOL thats just madre shino hehehhe

elijah said...

Coool, he dances way better than I do, believe me.

I could learn a few steps from him

Joud said...

princess: hehe i know he's so silly

elijah: apply these moves, I guarantee that you will be the center of attention anywhere ;)

Chirp said...

The steps to the shopping cart ..

1. Hold ur hands out infront of you like you are holding a shopping cart for the jam3iya.

2. Walk forwards *make is a funky dance*

3. Raise one hand up and pretend your getting something from the top aisle of the jam3iya.

4. Now put it in the shopping cart.

Repeat! *dont forget to keep doing the funky walk*


I'm the QUEEEN OF *funny* DANCE :P

Joud said...

hahaaaaaay !!!! perfect visual :) am totally trying this as soon as there's no one around