Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ring the alarm

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Civil Defense Sirens will go off tomorrow (Monday) morning at 10:00 am, just felt the need to tell everyone so no one ends up shitting bricks and hiding under their beds or desks.

The sirens will go off in three different tones:

- the fast pace drill, which means danger is on its way

- the slow siren which means danger is here

- and the constant steady horn which means everything is in the clear.


chikapappi said...

Is Waldo coming out tomorrow??! :p

elijah said...

What if it coincides with a real siren?!! What would you have to say then zed? ha?!

I'm getting under my desk either way :)

Zed said...

chikapappi: waldo comes out everyday, are you that curious?

elijah: did you know that 9/11 happened the same exact time NORAD (the US defense) had an exercise of the exact same scenario

so if something happens tomorrow, don't look at me, i'll be doing 160 miles per an hour towards saudi arabia

The Criticizer said...

I love the sound of air-raid sirens. I don't know why but I just get thrilled. :P

Kinano said...

Thank you!

I got the message 3 hours too late :P

Zed said...

criticizer: it is a thrill, knowing you are in danger, and could be killed lol

kinan: its your fault you don't check iKuwait more often ;)