Tuesday, December 18, 2007


No comment!


chikapappi said...

she's stuuupid (texasen accent)!

::: ShoSho ::: said...

Well, it's more like American not because she's blonde lol! Not all of them but alot of Americans don't know much about what's outside of America..

Intlxpatr said...

Holy Smokes, what a bimbo! Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Enigma said...

That was hilarious! Although I was between Hungary and Romania, to be honest ;p

Joud said...

hehe intlpaxtr, love the expression

Blue Dress said...

She's kidding. its part of the act.

N. said...

Zed, you and I both know, you posted this because she's smokin hot. It doesn't matter if she doesn't know Budapest, or what Europe is!

Ri said...

I agree with N.

I thought she was cute.

The kid's cuter though.

Now repeat that for me in a deeper voice.

Zed said...

chika: texasen? is that a word?

shosho: the mix of both blonde and american

intlxpatr: hehe

enigma: sure you were, sure

joud: so did i

blue dress: its so not part of the act

n.: lol you got me there n., i still dont kow the answer to that question, whats the question again

ri: no comment, she is hottttttttt, what kid?

Blue Ice Envy said...

"Women don't want to hear men's opinion, they just want to hear their own opinion in a deeper voice"
True, the problem is; guys still give their opinion!

Oh and the title should be American since most of them think that Europe is a country! I couldn't bother to finish watching the video but I think she's faking it a bit! So American!

fonzy said...

LOOOOOOL nice one :)

i bet u focused on "the being a woman part" more than being a blonde ;)