Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fuck UN

no, i'm not cussing the united nations, although i should be, i am referring to united networks ISP, why is it costumer service in Kuwait always lacks decency no matter were you go.

- forget the fact that i have a 512 connection but never get more than 22kb/s bandwidth

- forget the fact that its down 60% of the day, the peak times, my peak times, i cant be forced to use the net only at 2-6am, that's just not right

- forget the fact that they never gave me a wifi access point, or a modem

- forget the fact that whenever i needed technical support, they never pick up, and when they do, they try to brush me off and blame the modem or the router

- forget the fact that they deal with SHOWTIME and we all know how bad they suck ass

- forget the fact they they are the most expensive ISP in Kuwait

- forget the fact that the block everything, not just illegal sites, they block randomly

they also had the balls to tell me i can't cancel my subscription until the full year is over or i'd have to pay a penalty for cancellation, no i never read the fine print cause i believe major corporations like these assholes should do the most to maintain and please their costumers not drive us away and try to milk us for all we've got.
can i get an AMEN



chikapappi said...


Intlxpatr said...

Even between 2 - 6 a.m. these days, it has been horrible.

fonzy said...

i got the same problem,... they refused to cancel my subscription so am stuck paying for two subscriptions now.

Zed said...

i am going to send a letter to the GM, telling him how much of a shitty job he is doing, i would rather burn my money before they get their hands on it.

i'm canceling my credit card to that they cant withdraw anymore

'Grey' said...

@chika : Stalkery said hello ! * evil laugh *

N. said...

You should write a letter! And state everything that you mentioned, I'm sure those who care will pay attention to this issue to fix it. There are a number of ISPs and we are not limited to any single one of them. Competition is high, and those who do not meed the customers needs will suffer.

Enigma said...

They are pretty shitty. And they never pick up?? Heck the call won't even go through! A couple of weeks ago their stupid network was DOWN for over 12 hours!

But you have way more problems than I had.. And since they're owned by showtime, maybe you can contact the UAE office?

Enigma said...

and to reply to what N said.. Yes, their is high competition- for shittiness. All ISP's suck, they are WAY overpriced, they block websites for stupid reasons, and when you have problems with their internet the customer service (idiots) reps will tell you "our technicians are working on it". That's IF you can get to customer service.

Joud said...

hehehe good one enigma

n. - zed writing a letter won't get him too far, he's not mark :)

N. said...

I'm sure you can give him a hand in writing if its writing skills he needs.

Chirp said...

I used to have quality net, their customer service or the quality of their internet wasn't good at all. It was crappy to say the least, exactly the same problems ur having with UN. My friend has 1 MB from Zajil/Kems and its pretty goood.

Mohi said...

I have read your concerns and it is surprising that you have gone through such a bad experience. Is it possible to talk to you and try to resolve these issues? Looking forward to your response


Zed said...

mohammed: its always possible to talk to me to rsolve these issues, but who are you? do you work for UN?

whats your contact info?

Mohi said...

Im the marketing manager at UN. please call me at 828444 ext 3311.

Looking forward to speaking to you.